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Pediatric Services

Offering Pediatric Dental Care In The Heart Of Sulphur Springs, TX

Keeping a beautiful smile for life starts with excellent care as a child. Dr. Johnson and his team pay special attention to making a child’s visit – especially their first visit – a calming, fun and interesting experience. It’s important to start excellent dental habits while a child is young and part of getting a child off on the right foot is ensuring they trust their dentist. The Summit Dental team’s continuing education in pediatric dentistry make them a perfect fit for your child’s dental needs..

Answer: The number one thing you can do for your child is to schedule regular dental visits to see Dr. Johnson. This will give your child a great start on his or her oral health! For your baby, do not let them go to bed at night or naptime with a bottle of milk, juice, etc…The sugar included in those drinks can cause decay rapidly. For the older child, professionally applied fluoride is an excellent way to strengthen enamel. Many times Sealants can be used as a protective coating that aid in prevention of cavities.


Answer: Primary “baby” teeth are designed to function throughout the childhood years. Some of your child’s baby teeth are not lost until age 12. They help in the development of face and jaws and support facial structures and tissues They are also important for eating, and chewing food to aid in proper digestion through your child’s “growing” years. Another vital function of primary teeth is holding space and guiding the permanent teeth in place. Baby teeth have relatively thin enamel (hard outer-layer of teeth) and large pulps compared with adult teeth, and can become decayed and infected (abscessed) easily. Healthy, decay-free primary teeth create a healthy environment for your child’s permanent teeth and reduce the chance for tooth decay. Give your child a healthy self-esteem with a healthy, beautiful smile.


Summit Dental is proud to have a board certified orthodontic specialist that sees patients on a weekly basis.