You can rest assured knowing that Summit Dental is a leader in using Green Technology in our practice.

You deserve a dental practice that looks and feels inviting – like home. Summit Dental is designed to give you a comfortable, enjoyable visit. As you relax in Summit Dental's peaceful surroundings, you might not even know that you're experiencing green technology in action.

When you visit Summit Dental, the first thing you may notice is our Greenscape. Landscaping that utilizes water conserving irrigation system, drought resistant foliage and native Hopkins County boulders covers eighty-five percent of the building perimeter. Concrete reflects the sun's heat while Greenscape absorbs and dissipates heat.

Once inside Summit Dental, you'll feel a cool and inviting atmosphere. High efficiency windows allow light in, while blocking infrared and ultraviolet sunlight. They also react to temperature differences between inside and outside and reduce heat exchange. The building's insulation, made from renewable plant oils, is sprayed in place, eliminating gaps that cause drafts.

Summit Dental also uses geothermal technology to heat and cool the building. The earth remains at a nearly constant temperature of 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. By using a special system to exchange heat with the earth, we can heat and cool the building efficiently.

Even the décor is "green." Countertops are made from EnviroGLAS, a beautiful product made up of 75% recycled glass that is naturally chemical and bacteria-resistant. Decorative concrete flooring is a perfect example of the synergy of beauty, sustainability and economy. They eliminate the need for carpeting and other flooring coverings that would eventually require replacement. In addition to conserving materials, concrete flooring offers many other environmental benefits, such as improving indoor air quality, energy efficiency, durability, reducing temperature swings and resource conservation.

The sun shines every day and yet few people ever stop to consider the vast amount of energy that it provides. Solar is free energy that's completely clean and is as abundant as the sunlight! We have the technology to harvest this richest energy source by installing solar panels on the roof. Utilizing the sun's energy is just another way to minimize our carbon footprint.

Green technology also has a place in dentistry. All radiographs (x-rays) are taken digitally. No film developing chemicals are needed. Digital images are more detailed and viewable on any computer screen. They are easily saved for future reference as well.

If you are having an old amalgam, "silver" filling replaced with a natural-looking, tooth-shaded filling, an amalgam separator is used when disposing the old filling. This prevents mercury from entering our environment.